Committed to improving the lives of those with special needs – with love, joy, HBOT and more!


It all started with one family looking for hope.
It was Gracie’s hope and the Pridmore family that started one of the very few non-profit healing centers in the world.

We are glad you have found us and we look forward to helping you!

Something as simple as oxygen makes all life possible and our cells, muscles, tissues and vital organs require it to regenerate and keep our bodies healthy and stable.
Groundbreaking research and clinical trials are now showing that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy [HBOT] is not only a simple and non-invasive treatment, but it has the potential to help millions of Americans who suffer from brain injury and/or disease.
The Gracie Pridmore Foundation is committed to helping our veterans, our children and all with special needs. We believe that healthcare should be affordable and available to all, and that every child has a right to treatment, regardless of their parents’ income.
The Gracie Pridmore Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organisation.
All donations are tax deductible.
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