Since starting hyperbaric treatments with my 4 year old son Shep, he has made some tremendous strides! After 10 treatments, he started using full sentences for the first time. Before any treatments, Shep could barely hold onto a crayon and could not draw a straight line. By the end of his 40 treatments, he was not only holding a crayon, but he was drawing legible pictures and letters. He even started writing words!

Shep has started to participate more in school, talking more with his peers and teachers, stands up taller when in his walker and seems to be a happier child. We owe this all to the treatments and folks at Charlotte Metro Hyperbarics. The staff of the center provides a family friendly place that which my son was excited to go every day. Everyone at Charlotte Metro Hyperbarics has a special place in my entire family’s hearts – especially Shep’s. We look forward to more treatments in the future with continual improvement!


Steven was born a normal, healthy baby who met all of his developmental milestones. Three months after his MMR he became slightly irritable, rocked his head back and forth, and spun in circles. Six months after his MMR, Steven lost his ability to speak and communicate, he screamed most of the time, would spin objects, limited his diet, became very sensory seeking, put everything in his mouth, couldn’t tolerate anyone who would come into our home, and he drifted into his own world, a world of complete silence. I lost my son.

Although we had Steven evaluated, and had him receiving therapy since the age of 2-1/2, he was not formally diagnosed with autism until the age of 6. It was at that time we began biomedical treatment for Steven. This included the GF/CF diet, treating his gut inflammation and yeast, giving vitamin and mineral supplementation, along with natural chelation. We also utilize an ionic foot bath and infra red sauna to aid in his chelation.

In April we did 36 HBOT treatments. The results were amazing. His therapists noted a dramatic increase in eye contact, social skills, cognitive ability, vocabulary and speech, and fine motor skills.
We are currently receiving an additional 41 HBOT treatments and look forward to the gains that Steven will achieve. We truly believe that HBOT gave Steven the most benefit of any treatment we pursued in our son’s recovery.

We are very grateful to the Lord for all of His provision for our family and to Charlotte Metro Hyperbarics and their awesome staff.



We were skeptical about HBOT and put it off for a year until we finally decided to give it a shot when our daughter was almost 3 and a half. She suffered a stroke from delivery which resulted in right hemiplegia, a form of cerebral palsy which paralyzes the right side of her body. Our greatest hope for HBOT was that it would help with our daughter’s speech which is severely delayed.

We were completely amazed at the physical improvements that took place almost immediately upon starting the treatment! We signed up for 40 sessions. After the second one she was walking, hopping, and dancing without her braces on. After the 4th session she was complaining of pain in her right side as feeling came back into her arm. This went on for days and she began to use her right arm in ways she had never done before and continues to do so now. After 10 sessions we noticed obvious changes in her speech and continue to see very significant improvements every single day.

Our only regret is that we didn’t do HBOT sooner. We truly believe that we would have seen even more improvements if we had brought her in as young as possible. And we can’t say enough for the staff. They literally became our family away from home, making us feel welcome every time we walked in the door and showing such interest in our daughter. Our daughter absolutely loved the center and looked forward to going, especially if she got a chance to play with the other children who were there!


When my daughter was 9 years old, she presented with a distended gut, joint pain, stomach aches and headaches. Her pediatrician said that this was most likely due to ‘growing pains’. After 2 years of listening to my pediatrician and waiting for her to outgrow these pains, I decided to do an IgG ELISA food allergy panel in 2006. I discovered that she was sensitive to over 30 foods including gluten, soy, dairy, corn and rice, to name a few. When we eliminated these foods from her diet and added digestive enzymes, her symptoms decreased, but she still had stomach aches and headaches.

In April of 2008, she did HBOT treatments with my son for the entire month. She asked to have her food allergies re-tested, so we repeated the IgG ELISA panel. The results were dramatic. But more importantly, she is now able to eat many of the foods that she was sensitive to, with no stomach aches! We truly feel that the HBOT treatments addressed her inflammatory issues associated with her food sensitivities. For my daughter, this has meant that she is now able to eat socially whether it is at a restaurant with family or a sleep over at a friend’s house.



After 80 treatments, I had very mixed emotions. I could hardly express my gratitude for not only the treatments, but how much I appreciate the love and care I always felt from the staff. What a journey! Only God could have led me to CMH when I was facing a fourth occurrence of cancer and chemo for a second time. I was scared to have Chemo in America, wondering if I could survive the chemo side-effects. “By accident”, I was led to HBOT to work with my chemo treatment. Not only were most of the side-effects minimized, but I am now cancer free. I really believe the HBOT saved my life! There are no words to express what they did not only for me, but my family, too. I believe in my heart that their treatment center is literally “a higher calling”, not just a business. I respect and admire all of them so much!

May God bless you richly! Love, Brenda

Dom and Julia

Dom is a handsome, happy, 9-year-old boy and Julia is a beautiful, happy, 9-year-old girl. Dom and Julia were born at 27 weeks and considered as micro-preemies.

Dom’s birth weight was 1 lb. 7.3 oz. He was born with premature lungs, which caused extreme illnesses throughout his life. Dom has cerebral palsy that affects him physically and not mentally. He is non-verbal and working on getting speech. Dom uses a wheelchair and walker. He loves to walk and jump.

Julia’s birth weight was 1 lb. 15 oz. She contracted meningitis in the NICU and had several abscesses in her brain. She now has a VP shunt and is ADHD and is on the autistic spectrum. Julia is ambulatory but is mentally impaired.

We are grateful to the foundation for helping us pay for Dom and Julia’s first set of dives at the Charlotte Metro Hyperbarics Center.

Since the visits to the chamber, Dom has verbalized more and is starting to commando crawl. Dom seems more alert in school and has more energy to do his never-ending therapy sessions. Julia has been able to focus more in school and handle several step tasks.

We are very inspired by Shannon and Brian. This family is very special. We are looking forward to more dives and more improvements!



Our 5 year old daughter’s speech was quite limited prior to HBOT. Her vocabulary increased dramatically around the second week of treatment. I noticed she was imitating, singing and repeating a lot of new words. During her second week she said “Oxygen” which was out of this world. April is a child with severe Apraxia which means that she has a great deal of difficulty conceptualizing, planning, and carrying out motor action. April’s speech has become freer and clearer and we are certain that HBOT had everything to do with this amazing breakthrough.

Our HBOT experience was so pleasant and effective that we are excited about having our second set of treatments. We have always believed that her recovery and healing were at our grasp. HBOT was the vehicle needed to expedite that healing. She continues to shock us everyday not just with one word, but also with a sentence here and there. HBOT Rocks! and it worked for April. We will forever be eternally grateful to GRACIE for being the inspiration that Shannon and Brian Pridmore needed to create and build Charlotte Metro Hyperbarics.

We now can hear our little girl’s voice and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this gift that you have given to us.


I was diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis when I was 25 years old. After I’d suffered for 15 years with disabling weakness and intense pain, my husband, Jay, heard about HBOT. Having seen numerous doctors and specialists in the US and Europe, and also having also tried so many other alternative treatments with no change, I loathed using what little energy I had to try one more. My pain increased significantly every time the barometric pressure changed, so I was concerned that the pressure from the hyperbaric chamber would make my pain worse. Jay talked with the staff at Charlotte Metro Hyperbarics, and they sent us information and did whatever they could to reassure me.

I finally, reluctantly and skeptically, agreed to try it. I had 20 treatments and was amazed at the increase in energy I experienced from the first treatment to the last. They increased the pressure in the chamber gradually with no negative effects. The staff made the experience as easy and comfortable as possible. We were truly blessed to meet them. They’re amazing, caring, and wonderful people. I plan to come back as soon as possible for more treatments.

I’m willing to talk with anyone about my experience as an adult receiving HBOT. Just contact the staff for my number.



Our family could not be more pleased with HBOT treatments at Charlotte Metro Hyperbarics. We first learned about HBOT because of our son Zachary. Zach had a TBI (traumatic brain injury) at two months of age in January of 2006. We live in Fort Mill, SC so the clinic is a reasonable distance. Doing the treatments is a commitment so distance was a consideration. We could not have asked for kinder people to work with, great location off I77, great facility and overall a great experience.

Zach’s condition is considered severe and highly involved which means we committed to several treatments, so we were at the clinic a lot and the staff almost becomes like family. The entire Charlotte Metro Hyperbarics team were accommodating, helpful, kind, and positive.

We believe this treatment is benefiting Zachary in many ways a few being his overall mood and awareness. One comment we get from the medical field is they can not believe Zachary is not on more medications – right now he is only on one medication for his muscle tone and thats it. HBOT is not a cure all for Zachary but it is a piece of the puzzle that is helping him become stronger every day.

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